Printing marketing materials

I was just surfing the web for printer prices and I was wondering what people are using for printers or printing. Specifically, I print well over 2,000 post cards a month for my 30-60-90 day mailers. I started when I had 1 shop printing 100-200 a month. Now with the increased volume, I am having my post cards printed at a local printer. The prices are about 10-16 cents each, which is on par in Japan. I was paying about 6-8 cents each in ink alone printing on my 3 ink jet printers, so the time savings of not having to reload the printers every 50 post cards or so is worth the few extra cents each.

I am reaching the point where I am looking at a color laser printer. It looks like it will be years before I recoup the costs though. Over 1/2 year for the cost of the printer alone and much more for the toner. Does anyone else do higher (over 2k) volume printing in house? And if you do would you recommend it?

If not what do you use for your post cards?