Printing On Pizza Boxes?

I am thinking of changing the printing on my pizza boxes from just my logo to a box with several messages on it. I am considering adding my product guarantee, and my delivery guarantee, and my mainstream offer of “Buy One Pizza at Regular Price, Get The Second One of Equal Or Lesser Value for Half Price”. And maybe the phone numbers of each of my locations.
The only thing that sucks is the plate charge everytime I make a change.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom on this?
What do all you other pizza guys do?

With multiple stores you have a nice amount of leverage over your box supplier. At a MINIMUM, they should be willing to eat some of the charge, in my case it was Half or $250-$300. I’m opening store#2 in 6 months & if I change my box design I’ll expect at least half covered.

I have changed my box design 2 times in 3 years and have not paid anything…I guess it depends on the relationship with our supplier and the volume you do. All i know is they have matched any lower price I bring them to keep them honest
Good Luck!

in Md here who do you use for your custom boxes. thanks Bill

Called Star Pizza Boxes wont deal directly with me hav eto go thru us foodservice anybody else having this problem

Who do you use for custom print boxes? We have the same problem. Is there anywhere we can get boxes and box toppers and flyers all printed at the same company?? Has any one tried the COOP advertising or items like movie promoting on pizza boxes prior? If so what companies do that? Thanks and good luck!!

I did get the same result. they want to send you through the foodservice distributors. I’m guessing because our volume is lower than their processes/systems are designed for. Or maybe they don’t want to alienate their biggest dollar customers . . . .

You might try taping simple flyers to the boxes to try it out. It’s not the most professional look, but it’s been effective. We often partner with other local biz & they are happy to pick up the printing tab (we also offer to do it for free as a thank you for their business) to get the exposure of our customer base. Example: Running a dinner & movie promo, we’d partner with the theater, put their ad on 1/2 sheet our ad on the other half, tape to boxes, drop into to go bags, and send out a thousand or so.

If response is good, you can move forward with the expense of changing your plates, if not, try a different promo. I don’t think you can go wrong with your phone numbers & company guarantee on your box, but perhaps you’d like some flexibility on other promotions.