I’m looking for a company to make custom Christmas cards for my pizza store. This will require a very good artist/graphic designer and willingness to print a custom sized piece. Anyone here have any suggestions for who to use?

Maybe that is something Royster could do?

Thanks Kris but I do not go near that kind of work…

there is a place here where i live called jn white designs that does that kind of work

Have you tried intuit? They do alot of custom card printing. There is a coupon for 30% off rght now. PM me if you need the coupon code.

Why not I have not used them yet but it sounds like great place. I plan to use that site for a few projects coming up.

Then use your favorite printer.

I use Gotprint now because its cheaper but I used to use Printrunner. They are about 30 minutes from Gotprint and they do greeting cards.

I got this email from moving targets
Would you like to keep your business humming after the soon-to-be-upon-us holiday season? Here’s a clever way to make it happen… and create goodwill with your current customers!

Using our state-of-the-art digital printing system, this December we can mail your customers personalized, customized holidays cards… and we can include a special gift certificate at no extra charge.

It will create goodwill and bring you extra business during and after the holiday season.

The cost is only $1.85 per card… postage included. That’s less than the cost of a store bought card alone.

There are no design or setup fees and nothing for you to do but send us your customer list… and of course approve the dazzling card and gift certificate we’ll create just for your business.

You can Relax… we’ll do ALL the work for you!

Here are a few examples of our cards:

For more information: reply to this email or call 800-926-2451.

Best regards,

Jay Siff
Moving Targets
812 Chestnut St.
Perkasie, PA 18944
215-257-0880 x111

$1.85 is pretty darn pricey for this. I’m looking at paying 11 cents each for the cards including the envelopes, a penny each for the design, less than a penny each for the mailing label(I think I will actually hand address these though) and 44 cents each for postage. I’ll probably include a magnet at 7 cents each and a 5 cent card for free order of pepperoni rolls. My cost of 68 cents each should yield a better end product, a magnet on the fridge and a hand signed card mailed locally. Hard for me to see the value of using Moving Targets for this project.

how many are you planning on mailing?


This sounds like a great idea. Can you tell me where you are getting magnets? Please keep us informed if you find a reasonable price on the printing.

Hand written cards have way more impact than a “canned” card…

Please describe your “pepperoni rolls.”


we have pepperoni rolls also, our are made as follows:

We stretch our our small dough to an oval
place 8 pepperonis in a line starting at the bottom of the oval
place 4 ounces of cheese over the pepperoni line
pull dough, starting from the middle and working out, to just over the pepperoni and cheese line
pinch dough together tight like a calzone
roll this over to cover the seal you just created
use a dough cutter to cut top and sides
pinch ends and place on screen
repeat to create two rolls
place another screen on top(they like to blow up) and place in oven
when they come out of oven brush with butter and sprinkle garlic salt on top
serve with marinara or ranch

We sell the heck out of themas appetizers!!!

sorry to get off topic paul!!!

We spin a 14 oz. DB to 12/14"

Then cut into quarters, pie shape

Place a slice of provolone at the “crust” end

Place on the cheese a row or 4, then, 3, 2, & one pepperoni

Roll like a croissant, tucking in the top to hold all the goodies

We dock the dough, so few blow-outs happen

Thank You Both

We print greeting cards, but only in one size (5 X 7 ), printed 4/1 or 4/4.
Check with your local schools or colleges and hire a art student to do your design.
It probably wouldn’t cost you more that a few free pizzas. Just a thought!

Brian is that 5" X 7" when folded, or just a 5X7 flat piece? If folded, how much for 10,000 of them 4/1? I’ve got the artwork taken care of.

5X7 is folded, but we will ship them flat 10X7, I will work you up a price and pm you later tonight or tomorrow.