Prism Microworks or PDQ Signature Systems

I have been researching POS systems for about a year now. Have it narrowed down to these 2. I’m having trouble pulling the trigger and making a decision. I would appreciate any input from anyone who has had experience with these companies. I know a POS will help my business out tremendously. I’m just very worried about making the wrong decision. I’ve been in business 25 years and this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to decide on. HELP!!!
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What are your criteria, from most to least important?

I just opened my first place this last couple weeks. Months back when I was in my construction stages, and the other million + things to do, I jumped the gun thinking I knew everything and just bought the first most appealing system I tried. Boy, that was a mistake.

Its good that you been researching pos systems for that long… but how, rather why, did you conclude those two companies? What makes those, designed for your needs, better than the other companies that are out there? Need to weigh out the pros and cons for everything. If you don’t like something, is the company willing to consider it for a future upgrade? Or better yet, willing to work it out just for you? Theres nothing worse than paying that kind of money to find out your not getting what you want. If thats important to you, find a company out there that doesn’t have a thousand re-sellers that doesn’t know as much or isn’t capable to reprogram/tweak something. My next pos system will be direct from the source; can’t say I’m a big fan of dealing with resellers (and I’m sure I’m not alone.)

If I knew then what I know now, I would have researched all of them, and tried demos that were specifically designed for my application/menu/needs/wants/ticket format/carryout-deliver procedures etc or I wouldnt buy, period. Envision scenarios (and write them down) of different way you notice people order their food, or change something, or problems/difficulties you usually encounter on a regular basis (or even situations that are rare).

Make a master list of all the questions you can think of to find if the system can do this, or that. And just don’t take verbal answers (anyone can say anything and promise it all), see it in action and do it a couple times to see if its comfortable for you. Don’t feel rushed that you have a salesman next to you, take your time, pretend hes not even there.

Hope that helps any.

do yourself a favor and skip PDQ signature systems… Very bad support and customer service, they do not help clients on the weekends. I have had this system for 5 years only because i do not have the extra cash flow to discard this pos system. was actually checking out revention or diamond…Carefull with your decision.

I have a used 2yr old microworks 2 station pos for 5k let me know if you’d like more info

I have a used microworks prism POS 2 station System for sale…let me know if you’d like more info…asking 5k including
license transfer and configuration.

I have had the PDQ POS for the past 4 years and I would and have recomended it to people. It is very simple to use and train on. I have not used the Prism before so i can not comment on them. I have not had many issues with PDQ support, they typically sign right on and fix any issues from there office.

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We have been running Prism for going on 11 years now. We are on our second set of equipment. We run the caller ID module as well as the integrated credit card processing on a six station touch screen system.

It provides the kinds of reports I need, has appropriate password controls and is easy to train new staff to use.

I have no problems with Prism and recommend them without reservation. When this system needs replacement, it will be Prism again.

We have had Prism since 2001. We have a 8 station system and I can honestly say as long as you go in knowing they can’t deliver on everything you’ll need. and they can’t do everything they say they can do as far as setting the system up for your needs. then your good. They will periodicly give you updates that will add features you may or may not need. At the same time some of the features you use will disapear and you will politly be jestured off. There will always be quircks right now you can’t scroll up on customer info area. been that way for year now. last week they changed the caller I.d. now it doesn’t tell you what line the caller I.D. is refferenced to that started 3 weeks ago.

Each one of there updates always seem to be memory heavy on the computer in essence when they do an upgrade to the software you either need new machines or they run really slow or einvest time and effort in giging up the ram.

For Pizza it’s not a bad system but like all systems unless someone has something I haven’t seen there willbe some problems. And they may not be able to fix those problems anyone that tells you otherwise probaly works for prism or is compensated for indorsments
good luck

word to the wise prism has updated there pc charge and now you no access to the info on the system. This means if you have an updated order for lets say a pharmicy sales rep and it’s time delay and the order is change the card is voided and will not auto rerun. now if you discover at the end of the day you will be short and if you cannot locate this rep you will be left out for this order. this happened to us we contacted prism support for assistance thought they had it resolved the next day we delivered A $500. order then that night relized the card was still not charged and prism would not help and we cannot reach the rep. prism was involved prior to the delivery being made.

simular situation just accrued while a was out of town for the weekend prism will not help recover the info and we are out another $80.00 because someone call to add pizzas to a already larger timed delayed order. it has now cost just under $600.00 in 4 weeks to get the fingure from prism.

I have spoke to the v.p. 2 weeks ago never heard back and still have not seen any resolution.

at this point I can honestly say other systems will have some issues but I suncerily doubt they’ll absolutly take money out your pocket it takes $3000.00- $6000.00 in sales to reccop these cash loses or 50% of this to recoop the food cost please take this into consideration when choosing a system. Ask if you have access to voided cards to recover voided orders.

mfunk… this sounds like user error to me. i.e. you need to learn how and train your people how to deal with these changes.

The rules that card processors operate under for consumer security these days do not allow “re-running” cards without a new authorization. Solution: explain to the customer you need to re-authorize for the new amount or run an additional transaction.

BTW, sometimes people who say nice things are just satisfied customers…

Guys with PDQ, what did you pay for your systems and how many terminals including order takers, did that include? Thanks

I have been using PDQ since I opened in 2010. Their Customer Service and Sales are horrible (and I mean horrible). I have been advised by several people on this forum to purchase Microworks Prism POS. I should just do it and get on with my life. I am mentally and physically exhausted.

2 stations, 2 kitchen printers, 1 Thermal Receipt Printer, 1 Reports Printer and 1 cash drawer; $14,000+.

Hey Luigi its Claudio remember from Dolce Carini ,I’m glad I saw this post I was actually thinking about getting PDQ

Go with prism Microworks. I will never look back great customer support and virtually no bugs.

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