prism microworks

Hi Guys

just wondering if any of you guys are using microworks from prism and want to offer feed back…


We have used them for 12 years as of this week. There are very few vendors I would give an unrestrained endorsement, Microworks is one of them. Aside from the system doing what I need it to do and more, it is stable, flexible and easy for my staff to learn.

But more important, the support is outstanding. The intergrated CC system and online ordering are also easy to use and reliable.

You get what you pay for.

PM me if you have specific questions.

I use Prism Microworks as well and will also give it a recommendation. I am going on 250,000 orders since I installed it and the only hardware I have replaced is one touch screen. I am even still using the original keyboards and mice. Online ordering is good and will soon be getting better(not sure if the secrets out yet). The sales staff is great and the tech support is always helpful and quick to do what they need. If I was opening a new place, I wouldn’t think twice about using Prism again.