Prism Microworks

Can anybody please tell me how to add tips?
I did the EOD which I was trying not to do but did not batch the cards- not sure if those tips are lost.
The info that came with the system is completely worthless.
Thanks for any help.

I’m not at work at the moment so this is all off the top of my head but if you need I can give you our store number and my son can walk you through it all. On the main screen, the top middle button is “add tips”, just to the right of the “new order” button. Click on this and input the three digit order number(last three of the six digit order number) and it will ask if you’re adding cash tip or adding to card follow the prompts to add to the card.

Grateful for that, Paul. Honestly.
I did the EOD which I assumed would not be possible before closing out cards but… it IS possible.
MW rolled me back to the previous day and I did what you mentioned and THEN closed the cards and ran EOD.
Wasn’t trying to be harsh w/ my “worthless” comment but not much of a manual or anything.
I must be old, but I still like the thick spiral bound binder which pretty much tells you everything.
This came with a tiny little “pamphlet”… though it WAS spiral bound :slight_smile:
Me and your son will be friends, Paul.
Don’t make him nervous… I do have a contract!
Thanks, again.

In the back of the house go to “help”. There’s a big index of info there too. Not my favorite interface, not very intuitive but their tech support is top notch!

“but their tech support is top notch”
It is, and that was the deciding factor.
I’d still like a manual that might make calling less likely as I’m not too good on my own in figuring out some of the issues but… I’ll make my way.

I am curious what kinds of things you are looking for? Over the years I have tried a number of different things with the system and never had trouble figuring it out. Not sure what a manual would have added.

We call when there is some headache but it is not very common.

Well, I’d like a page that tells me how to add a credit card tip.
Yes, there’s an icon on the main screen, but I’d like something that says that, explains that the invoice number needs to be entered, then the cc number selected and so on.
There should also be some discussion about EOD, batching, etc
I find it very odd that you can run EOD without batching. And if you do so… you are SOL.
Is that simplistic and obvious? Yes and no.
This is a new store, business and POS and I only have so many brain cells so hand holding is not a bad thing at certain times.
They have been attentive and helpful but I almost hate bothering them for something that simple.
I did do the online support thing so they can resolve a small issue here/there when they have a second.
I’ve had National Systems, Prism (many years ago), and Pulse POS systems- most have come with manuals.
It’s not a huge deal, really.

We add CC tips at the end of the night when we check out the drivers and count the till. What is it that you find difficult?

I guess you can run EOD without a batch because they are two separate systems? It happens to us from time to time that someone forgets. Not a problem unless the closing manager also forgot to add CC tips before running end of day. All that happens is that the CC sales get combined with the next night on the batch and they hit our bank a day later. In fact it happened last week once.

We have found that we can train new assistant managers on the system in a couple of nights. Nobody has ever asked me for a manual.

You’ll get over that feeling, you’ll even begin to have your “favorite” support techs. I do try to email any issues that don’t require immediate attention but if something needs to be fixed, I call and wait on hold till someone picks up. Taking the option to leave a message to be called back has never resulted in a return call in a timely manner for me.

The manager screen should have a pdf manual at least on version 8 it does.

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