Prism POS server replacement - good service!

We have been using Microworks Prism POS for 12.5 years. Over that time we have replaced the entire system once. On balance, the system does what we want and need it to do, is stable, reliable… a good tool. On the occasions when support was needed it was there. The people are nice.

We have added internet based credit card clearing and online ordering in recent years with good results.

This morning we replaced the manager station (server) for the system. The machine was 8 years old and running well, but I think slowing down due to more complex tasks and, as we head into our busy season, I wanted an upgrade. (our sales will nearly quadruple on a weekly basis from now to Christmas week) We really can not afford to have computer headaches on $4,000 nights, so on the assumption that the computer would need to be replaced at sometime in the coming year, I decided to pull the trigger now.

We ordered the new machine about a week ago. It arrived by UPS the other day and we had an appointment set to install it and switch over all data and files etc so the everything would look and work exactly as before. The process took about two hours. When complete, everything worked fine. Old files and info were right where I expect to find them. All in all a smooth, easy process. I have posted before that I have been satisfied with Microworks and especially with their support. This experience just reinforced that view.

You get what you pay for. Microworks delivers excellent value.

I have used Prism for almost 7 years and I have to agree with you, their CS is outstanding. We just started using their web ordering and we love it.

If you dont mind me asking, how much did the replacement cost?

I could go look it up if you need an exact number. It was around $1200.