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Our manager has been asking for extra time off over the past few months. The normal procedure is for the other manager to cover and then he covers a shift for them. No big deal.

There are times the other manager is not available to cover the shift and I have covered it. In the past year I have done this 6 times. The manager said he would cover me when I needed it.

I now work full time office and basically fill in when and where I am needed. I have never collected those days, but a few weeks ago I was going out of town and the manager who took over my shift also needed off. Since I was going to be out of town I told him I wanted to collect on a day. He went threw a fit and said no because he did not want to work 2 doubles. I can understand that but needed him. He later apologized but did not work.

So now he needs a day off for a family wedding. The other manager can’t work and he has asked me to work for him.

My question is can I offer to work but deduct that days wages from his salary? He is a salaried employee. Is that legal?

Thanks (sorry so long)

I cannot speak to the legal implications, but if this is the guy who threw the fit, I’d be tempted to say he has to work, get the other manager to cover or find another job. Tempted. I know the reality is that you cannot risk losing a decent manager. Some nerve throwing a tantrum when you needed help, and then coming crawling AGAIN asking for favor.

Remind him of what happened last time explain that you can not agree to cover shifts and then not cover them.

If you agree to cover his shift explain that he owes you some shifts and therefore he either works them or agrees to a deduction from his wage. Get him to sign an agreement for the deduction - that way its not an illegal deduction.

First of all, you need to have an employee handbook that states your company’s policy for leave or time off. Even though he’s a salaried employee, he can have time deducted from his paycheck that has not accrued or time that the employee is not eligible to utilize. I have all my employees, upon employment, sign a copy of the company policy manual AND, an authorization form stating, the Employer may deduct from the employee wages, any monies borrowed from the company still outstanding and for any expenses for items that have been lost or stolen due to their neglience.

Good manager or not, employee’s do not dictate schedule…especially employee’s that lack professional courtesy or team player mentality.

My advice, hire a new manager. That’ll take him down a few pegs.

Man you could not have spelled it out any better then your post. Excellent advice. The manual helps you when you pull out their signature showing they agreed to it before hiring. And after you show them their signature, fire them saying you thought they were smarter! Ha!

All joking aside, in a monotone, calm voice, say to the manager he can’t have off this time, period. No apologies, look at him in the eye and do not back down. Perhaps he will be reminded that days off are not always guaranteed. Don’t put up with anyone’s perception on your biz, they are working for you, THE BOSS.

Plus, I have always worked better on my own then with people who don’t care about the team rules, get rid of him if he dares get angry. Good luck.