Problem with attachment hub - Hobart 600

We grind our own sausage and, last week, the grinder just cracked and stopped working. We ordered a new one and it will not spin. We tried our pelican head and have the same issue. It turns briefly and then stops though the main mixer still spins.

After some digging, we discovered that the screw inside the hub is coming loose (see attached). It’s reverse threaded. We tightened it up as best we could, but it keeps working itself loose after a second or two of using any attachment. Any thoughts? I thought about thread locking it, but am not sure if that screw is a failsafe feature to keep from tearing the internal gears? Any thoughts or ideas?mixer.jpg

Hi Peuezze.

If I remember correctly There is a shear pin on the attachment shaft inside the mixer. Therefore the screw you refer to is not there for that purpose.

We abandoned the rebuilding of equipment several years ago as we could not produce the quality products we had the reputation for at the price the market would pay.

George Mills

get a later model used mixer m-802 hobart, ebay,i,ve been thinking about grinding my own sausage,are you pleased with the results ? cost savings ? how much time would it take you to keep up with 60 lb per week (busy season) ???