Problem with Dough Sheeter and/or employees

Hello, I am new to the forum and am looking for some input. I have a problem with dough sticking to the ss rollers of my dough sheeter. This is a fairly new problem. It seems that a couple of my employees are having a bit of trouble and causing the rollers to get extremely “gummed up” to the point that it is shredding the dough balls.

They have been taught to use flour. I have hung a sign with instructions over the machine. I have found that I am having to clean the machine a couple of times a day…just to keep it functional. I am concerned that I am going to destroy the rollers with all of the scraping that I have to do on them.

Any ideas or input ? Is there a coating out there that I can put on the rollers ? I am at my wits end trying to figure this one out. I have been open for going on 3 years and this has never been an issue in the past.


what type of sheeter?
synthetic rollers?

Check the tension on the clips on the side. If they have lost tension then the scrapping blade will catch the dough and give the same affect of dough not being floured.

We have had this problem over the years but not for at least 2 years since recognising where the problem came from. Now I retension the clips periodically or put new ones on.


Not sure of the brand or model. It is a top loader with 4 stainless steel rollers.

Thanks I will check those tension clips today.

If the tension clips seem fine make sure the rollers are clean and dry. from what you describe i used a similar type of sheeter at pizza hut for years and when it started doing this it was one of three things: tension clips, the thickness was set improperly for the dough type, or the most common, the rollers werent’ properly cleaned and there was dried dough or residue. As long as the rollers where clean and dry I never had to use flour or anything else to get the dough to feed through the machine.


From my experience with a sheeter, problems usually come from having the rollers CLEAN and the unit maintained.

How often does your team unscrew the front and back and actually detail clean?

Having something tearing holes to me would point to what others are saying, buildup issues.

One other issue, fast gumup can come from dough balls which arent properly floured before being sheeted…you can rarely go wrong having too much flour in a sheeter.


What I would HOPE is that the rollers arent warped, like if someone removed and dinged it or someone ran something through that warped one.


Never, like in don’t ever, use anything but a plastic scraper to clean your sheeter rolls, that is rule number one.
Rule number two says that you should never play with the dough balls as you are teking them to the sheeter, this means that you should never attempt to reshape the dough balls before sheeting them. Any attempt at this will only result in the dough being shredded as it goes through the sheeting rolls. I am assuming that they are flouring the dough balls just before they pass them through the sheeter, and that you are not trying to bring the dough thickness down too fast. Some times when sheeting a large dough ball you may need to use a couple reduction passes through the sheeter rolls.
I hope this shedds some light on the problem. Please let us know what you find.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sorry I am a bit late in getting back. Thanks for all of the tips and ideas. It appears that I need to replace my dough scrapers.

Thanks again.