Problem with peppers on flat pizza

We just opened a pizzeria and when were making pizzas with peppers and onion is coming out of the oven wat too watery. Its a deck oven. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Dawn are you putting the peppers under or over the cheese? If under, you might try “over” so the water can evaporate away in the heat instead of becoming trapped under a cheese layer.

Hi, Were putting them on top of the cheese…the strange thing is that last week the pies came out fine and this week watery…and we havent changed anything.

Another possibility is the sauce. Is it the exact same amount? Is it spread on the dough properly? And is it the same thickness or is it watered down more than before?

Also, make sure your veggies are not frost damaged due to a too cold prep line.
What is your baking time and temperature?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

It’s a major P.I.T.A. but I know some folks that have resorted to par-cooking their veggies in the microwave on a few paper towels just to get rid of the moisture.

There HAS to be a solution though b/c we’d all be facing the same problem. I’m glad to see Tom has entered the conversation! Your answer is mere moments away I think!

Thanks for all the input guys!

Tom we have a stone deck oven and we are baking at 550 for 10 minutes.

The vegetables are freezer damaged, but if the prep is too cold can that be just as bad?

I meant to say the veggies are NOT freezer damaged :slight_smile:

Ice crystals are the culprit here. Leave some vegies in the prep line conrainers overnight and check them on the following day to see if there is any sign of ice crystal development. If there is, just set the temperature controller a couple degrees higher. If you are not already doing it, you might also be sure to put a strainer in the bottom of the containers to keep the vegies above any water that might accumulate in the containers. If you don’t have a strainer insert, use a folded paper towel several layers thick to help absorb any moisture released from the veggies. Also, if you have a top damper on your oven make sure it is closed as this will increase the top heat to your pizzas making for more effective drying.
If this doesn’t help, you might be using an excessive amount of vegetable toppings. I ran across this a couple years ago, and the only effective solution, without changing the pizza, was to change over to an air impingement oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor