problems with problems

I remember along time ago- if you didnt have a phone for us to call you back on, you didnt get a delivery. I have been having alot of problems lately with people not answering their phones when we call them. If a driver is having trouble with an address, or they are not answering their door, when they call them they dont answer. Mostly it is cell phones and the biggest excuse is I didnt know the number- so I am not going to answer it. This has happened roughly 10 times in the last week and twice I have had to give free food for the people not answering their phone. Any ideas on how to handle this?? Very frustrated!

i am not sure as to why you are giving them free food but it sounds like you are being used and abused. If so, enforce the rule about having a number that someone WILL answer no matter what.

I just started delivery this month and no real problems yet, it’s not if but when…
I do not know what you can do with irrespondsable people…so many phones now, more problems, could have used another phone, the number recognition thing…comes back to people not being responsable,
if you have POS, note problems with that number when they call again…

I guess I don’t understand why you would give free food. As our main driver, if they have a difficult address, and they’re not answering their phone, then I may assume it’s a fake call. If they didn’t answer their phone because they didn’t know the call, that’s their fault, not yours. I wouldn’t give a free pizza because of their lack of cooperation.

We always ask for cross streets to help. But each area is different.


If I were you I’d be sure to change your phone script to communicate the fact that they should expect a call from your driver. Tell customers what they can expect and they usually listen. “Your total is $15.45. It’ll be about 30 minutes and please expect phone call if the driver has any questions.”

If you ask me for my phone number, I’ll give it to you. If you ask me for my phone number and tell me to expect a call, I will.

most caller ID systems let you know its a wireless #…if thats the case, have the driver text msg…

We don’t call them unless there is a problem with their order or the delivery itself. However, I have my cashiers/order takers always confirm their phone number by asking “Is 123-1234 a good number to reach you if we need to?” If they say yes, which 99% of the time they do, they are acknowledging that fact that you may call. So, no excuse when you call and they don’t pick up.