Prodigy Payment systems

anyone using this outfit? What are you paying? Percentage wise? Any fees…like 0.25 for every time someone swipes a card? Seems good to me but I am new to this credit card thing.


I can help you get set up and answer all your questions.

Most New Merchant Rates will have a per item charge in addition to a “Discount Rate”

Our New Merchant restaurant rates start at 1.25% + 25 cents per (swiped debit cards).

If your Business Qualifies for Quick Serve Restaurant rates I can set you up with Interchange Plus 8 cents.

wiseguy we just changed from RBSlynk

look into what your bank can offer. our bank beat RBSLynk by far as far as percentages and per transaction fees but we have had credit cards forever and can get what some credit card companies call wholesale pricing