Produce Yield

Can anybody post their yield from the following items… (after removing waste)… I am trying to get a solid foodcost number on my produce.

25# Bag Of Red Onions
Case of Tomatoes (medium size, box says 6x7… not really sure if its 25# case or not… its a standard size case :slight_smile: ) …
Case of Green Peppers… again no idea on the size… I’ll have to look at the invoice when I goto the shop tomorrow… but I’d imagine everyone orders the same sized case… It seems pretty standard…


25# Bag Of Red Onions . . . we get a box, but same same. Zero spoilage since going whole onions last summer. We get 21 to 22# of sliced, ready use product.

Tomatoes is a crap shoot, so I cannot speculate. We have waste, spoilage and such most cases since we don’t move 'em like we could. I estimate 40% loss/waste on most cases of 25# Romas (#2 grade) . . . so 15lbs usable. High sales weeks we get much closer to 20lbs usable. We price for the 60% usable ratio.

Yeah its so hard to judge the true cost of what produce is costing you on a pizza. Hmm…

The green peppers are packed as a Large Bushel… Is that what your using?

Maybe it would just be easier to enter fractions of a case when doing inventory, then trying to get specific down to the ounce on produce… Which route do you take?

Thanks again for the info!

Just a thought…

take 5 pounds of tomato or green pepper cut them up and then weigh again or weigh the waste.

I know everyone is going to think I’m nuts, but my partner brought me the Debbie Meyer Green Boxes from TV.
I tried them to be nice, figuring I would return them when they didn’t work…and no hard feelings. But I was pleasantly suprised.

No more waste on produce!!! sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, lemons, garlic, sliced onions, sliced peppers and fresh basil stayed perfect for 2 weeks. The boxes are too small for whole peppers though.
she bought them at … reen%20box

set cost about $50…I figured I save about $15 per week.

My bad…I thought we were talking about the parts of produce which can’t be used…like ends of tomato or the top of a green pepper.

Why not just buy smaller cases? Also if you don’t cut them they have a longer shelf life. We cut produce everyday. We have a usage chart of what we will use and update it when needed.

He asked about yield, and I may have hijacked his thread with the tomato spoilage piece. Sorry aobut that. Spoilage enters into my yield calculation given the volume ebbs and flows of my smallish shop.

We pull the stems, wash and run the bell pepper tops through the slicer to be used on our sandwiches . . . they sautée quicker. We get very high usage ratio out of bell peppers . . . we use the smaller and irregular size they call choppers. I’d say we get close to 20# usable product in a 25# case.

There is a book on the market titled “Food for Fifty” than can give you lots of good estimates on usable yield “as prepared” for fresh, frozen and canned food products.