Product Development Insight....I need some directions

Hey Guys…first I am a pizzeria owner and already a PMQ member and this is NOT a sales gimmick.

I have developed a kitchen cleaner and need to know if anyone here has experience with product development such as chemical procurement and custom bottling.

Any feedback is better than none at all.

Mandy’s Pizza

I have no idea about product development and packaging but offer this…If you need presence in major retail outlets to make it work it is very tough sledding…Most new products need to buy shelf space…And the big players will not let you into their sandbox without some sand in your eyes…

Quite often finding a “co-packer” is the easiest way to get into production…Many co-packers will already have most of the ingredients and bottles you need on hand…So they can make small batches for you…They often buy their ingredients by the “boatload” whereas if you are doing small batches yourself your ingredients cost may price you out of the market…

You also need to look into “products liability” insurance…This is often a very difficult part of getting a new product to market…Many sales outlets and/or clients will not touch you without the proper liability insurance…

I agree that a co-packer could very well be the best way for you to go at this point. I think a good way to maybe catch a break might with with Costco. I am sure you have seen the roadshow products in Costco from time to time, and if you impress the right buyer for Costco you just might get in.

As luck has it…my best customer has the ability to co-pack and I just was not thinking. He has his own chemical company and even said that if my product is better…he will market it.

Let’s see how it goes cause this stuff is great and I have to lock it up at my store so the kids don’t use it for everything. For instance, I purchased two industrial wall fans for each of my kitchens…one I clean at the store with my product…and the other at home with a well known degreaser product marketed through both of the pizza mags.

Ours…average of one cup…and a stiff brush…and it was like new and since it is not an acid it did not discolor or etch
Theirs…2 quarts…HOT water and brush and it ate the finish off and took three times as long to clean.

Maybe when it’s done…I will send out some sample to you guys.