Professional Help

Before I go off trying to do everything myself (too late), is it worth getting the help of professionals like accountants or lawyers to help with business plans loans and starting the business?

Personally I would never run a business without having an accountant look at my books at least at the end of every year, they can really help with taxes and such. My accountant told me something with my husbands business, if they dont make thier salary back in tax savings and operating costs then they are a lousy accountant. I would also get a lawyer if you are going to incorporate, have a business partner or any other legal document or loan.
With that said, dont just call any lawyer out of the yellow pages, phone around and interview for the position you have to offer. Make sure what they say makes sense, that they talk to you in laymans terms and dont make you confused. and…the big and is make sure they have industry experience…meaning, make sure they work with pizza places already and have a feel for the industry so that they have already done their research on how to save a restaurant money…