Profit Margin.....Hoagies

Hey Guys…

What is everyone selling their 12" subs for and what is their food cost.


we do an 8inch hoggie that sells for $6.99 we have about 15 different ones but they average about $1.50 in food cost with our philly being arount $2.25

Do you happen to do a fried chicken hoagie

What type of roll

we do a buffalo chicken…a teriyaki chickeen … a BBQ chicken …and a chicken bacon melt…we currently have been experimenting with fried chicken and white gravy but haven’t put it on the menu yet

the chicken (meat) the real word was ridiculously censored by the web police I have used for 15 years are 5 ounces at a cost of 1.50. ALL real chickn (the front of the bird) not pressed and formed how can you serve a chicken hoagie at 1.50 food cost.

we use pierce boneless breaded wings…deep fry them up and then slice them and add to the sub…it runs me $45.00 for 15lbs just under a dollar for 5oz’s

FYI - no such creature as “bone-less” wings…that’s just chicken pieces/parts…I’m sure they’re ok…I’m buying fresh boneless tenders for $1.65/# - can’t beat 'em…$.062/6 oz. portion…

We sell our 12" for 8.75. We do hot sandwiches only: cheesesteak, grilled chicken boobie with food cost (including packaging) of just below 30%, depending on weekly pricing. Meatball and a gyro-inspired one get a 25-27% COGS at same selling price. Fried chicken finger sandwiches hit about 28-29% COGS with cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Our 6" sell for $5 apiece with a better COGS ranging from 24% to 27%.