Hi, I am Zach. I currently work at George’s Pizza in Austin MN. But I have to do a business plan for my management class and was curious if you could give me a little information. What is the pizza industry’s growth rate and what are projected sales for the pizza industry? What kind of marketing strategies should I implement? Any other information would be great. Thanks
Zach Soiney

Industry growth rate and projected sales are irrelevant to the individual shop. Until you are one of the big three, the macro trends are so far out of your orbit as to be meaningless.

If you need to do a business plan for a mangagment class and that plan is for a single location business, you need to look into sales tax revenue changes for restaurants in the city the business will hypothetically be located in. Many city websites include this information.

Then you need to look at traffic counts, population density, drive time population, average restaurant pricepoints etc…

Or… (and this is where I come down) you can assume that pizza in general is a viable catagory almost anywhere and if the market already supports several pizza stores, then you can do well in that market by being better than some of the guys that are already there. (Race with a bear theory; I don’t have to be faster than the bear… just faster than you)