projected revenue

How could I project sales in a certain area?
what would I look for
in other words what info could I supply and someone give me A ROUGH geuss of sales for the area

Number of competitors
Number of house holds in a 3 and 5 mile radius
Number of businesses located within 2 miles
Average income of area.
Any schools or colleges nearby.
Any other traffic “draws” that might help or hurt you.
Taffic counts of the road you are going to be on.

Since I already know that you are in a shopping center, listing the other tenants might help. I know it had a liquor store.

Visibility of your space.

Which side of the traffic are you on for the commuter routes.

That is a pretty good start!

((# households x $17.45) x (1 / total pizza stores as a %)) / 4 = rough guess


There are 4 pizza stores in your town (including you) and 5,000 households:

((5,000 x $17.45) x (1 / 4 as a %)) / 4 = rough guess

($87,250) x (25%) / 4 = rough guess

$21,812.50 / 4 = $5453.13/week in sales