Promotion Gift Cards

Do any of you use Gift Cards?? where do you get them and how do you encode them with the money??/


Comdata in Nashville, TN handles about 90% of all gift card transactions. I ā€œassumeā€ they provide the cards and technology. However, I donā€™t know how cost effective this is for a small business. The plus side is people lose them, forget them, etc so you might make some of the cost up through unspent cards.

Iā€™ve heard good things from a couple of people so I want to give them a try! I figure why not :slight_smile:

You can buy custom printed gift cards (or a stock design) from your local promotional products distributorā€¦They can be laminated card stock or plasticā€¦The key being that they have a suitable magnetic stripeā€¦Then talk to the folks who process your credit card dataā€¦There is a good chance that they can also look after charging and uncharging you gift cards using the same terminalā€¦Some offer online lookup of balanceā€¦I think most print out the balance on the slipā€¦There is a cost associated with offering gift cards buyt it is more or less offset by the amount that are not redeemedā€¦I have heard as much as 12% do not come backā€¦RCSā€¦

We have a Closed Loop Gift Card System that uses your Credit Card Machine for Activation/Loading and the same Terminal for Transactions. Card Holders can call an 800 number or access a website to check balances. We take care of the Accounting and a Merchant has access to all activity 24/7.

We are currently running a Gift Card Promotion for New To RBSLynk customers. If you change your Credit Card Processing to us we will give 100 FREE Image Cards OR $100 off the order of Custom Gift Cards (minimum order of 500 Custom Cards).

Chances are, if you purchased Custom Cards, the money that we can save you in Reduced Processing Fees will pay for the Program.

Iā€™ll be glad to visit with anyone interested.

what about existing customersā€¦