Promotional Activity

Tomorrow our shopping centre where we are situated are having a Family Fun Day with activities for the kids – baby farm animals in a portable enclosure where they can get in and play with the animals, face painting, temporary spary on tatoos. The Pharmacy have bought in pallets of toilet tissue, facial tissue, disposable nappies etc to sell at below cost. Other retailers are doing special offers.
We have a stall where we are doing free “lucky Dips” where people dip for a number and if it matches an envelope with that number they get the prize inside. Prizes vary from free small pizzas, free large pizzas (with any purchase :wink: ), $25 pizza vouchers to drinks and boxes of chocolates.
We are also having “show bags” with menu and fridge magnet, 25% discount card (one off valid for 6 weeks) a bounce back flyer with free offers for July, Aug and Sept (we mail this anyway and box top it) and a few sweets. We also had red and black balloons printed with our logo which will be filled and attached to a stick for the kids. It will be great seeing 250 kids walking around advertising for us with their balloons.
Around mid day we will be doing sampling of our 2 new gourmet pizzas - just released chicken mornay (mornay sauce base, bbay spinach, chicken, mushroom and cracked pepper) and soon to be released pork, apple and red onion finished with our own mix raspberry balsamic glaze.
All told it will cost us around $300 - $400 including free pizzas (at food cost only) which is what a letterbox drop campaign would cost (hit and miss response). Getting people to try and to have a free pizza (hopefully a few newbies) is the best way we have found of generating new long term customers.
Long day tomorrow as we start around 10am and go through to 1-2pm and start Sat roll up at 3pm and get out of the store around 11pm, but I think it will be worth it.


Sounds like good money spent for the advertising you get out of it. I also like the sound of that pork and apple pie. Sounds tasty! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just finished our biggest Saturday ever after manning the display for the Family Fun Day. It was great to see 200+ kids walking around with balloons on a stick with our logo on them … get the kids and you’ve got the parents.
We were slammed from the minute we opened right through to closing with many new customers coming infrom the tastings we did at the Fun day.
Money well spent.