Propane as a fuel source?

Any one run a shop with propane? I live in a plase with no nat gas. What size tank do you have and how much do you use vs. what type of equipment (range, fryer, ovens, etc)?

Propane is so strange…

are you looking for propane for your home or your business? there are plenty of people out there who don’t have natural gas that use propane, you can get 500 gallon tanks delivered. All you have to do is find the company in your area who deals in propane. You have to have appliances that are equipped for propane gas.

Shop would be propane. I just think running commercial equipment would use a lot of propane. I ask my equipment dealer.


my last pizza place I had a bakers pride y800 and used propane 200 gallon take but no grill or fryer

Hello Guest,I have a 2000 sq ft. pizza place w/ 4 fryers,6’grill,6 top and a Lincoln Impinger double nstack ALL ran on propane.I would compare my bills to any gas ran place in my area [Phila.] any time.I have a 1000 gal tank that I probably only use about 3-400 gal a month.

          Hope this helps.....Niccademo

Thanks for the info, that is exactly what I was looking for.

I have a double stack oven about the same size as a MM-PS200, fryer, and a water heater all running on propane. It burns hotter than natural gas, so I actually end up using less. The propane company paid for my frier and oven conversion as well. I have 2-200gallon tanks out back, and they come and change them regularly. Usually I don’t even know when they are changed.

I have a Q-Matic conveyor oven, about 100,000 BTU’s

I use a 2, 40 pound tanks, or about 9 gallons, cost about $20 to fill, 1 every 4 days,
oven runs, whether there are many pizzas or a few, around 6 hours per day… 4 days X 6 hour = 24
that is about 1.75 pounds per hour or .4 gallon per hour

thanks for the question, I had never figured it,
hope that helps,

We use propan - have the propane service check weekly and they fill us up as needed. We have 2 100# tanks and it costs us about $169 every other week. We’re running about 8K/week in sales