Propane Oven Users Help

I am opening an additional location, but there is no gas line. My questions are as follows:

  1. In the long run is it better to get the gas line ran from the alley.

  2. Is the difference in propane price and natural gas significant.

  3. How big of a propane tank will I need. I will have a double stack 32" wide belts, probably will be using XLTs 3240.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ask a local gas man about the usage and cost.
I called Lincoln when I had my 1132 converted. He told me about an hour per lb.

The builder in me says get the line run! Depending on your location they will reflect in the price differences but LP always seems a bit if not a lot higher where I am at. Then you run into tank location and size…and the not likely but possible running out! I cannot see running a line to the building from the alley…I am assuming the alley is right outside the building… would cost too much. Again. a lot is going to depend your location.


You propane company has you by the short hairs and they know it. They are not regulated and set their own price. I have no problem with that. What puts you at a major disadvantage is they own the tanks and they do not advertise their price. You have to call around to figure out if they are charging what the market is. If they are not, you have to negotiate with them or tell them to get their tanks out and bring another guy in. Before we switched in 2008 we were paying over $3.50 for propane. The price had climbed when gasoline went up. But it did not come down. The chinese place next to me asked me what I was paying (did I tell you the price was not printed on the ticket when they delivered the gas?). They told me they complained and Amerigas dropped them by $0.50/gal. They were paying a buck less than me. I called their competitors and they quoted me $1.58 a gallon. So I called Amerigas from my cell, told them I was opening a pizza shop, gave them my estimated useage and asked for a price they said $1.62 a gallon. Then i told them who I was and that they were charging me more than twice the rate they just quoted. The branch manager pulled up my account and informed me that prices are automatically raised as the market goes up but must be manually reduced when the price goes down. They don’t know to lower our price unless we ask them. This sounded stupid and did not make me feel better. Fortunately SCE&G had just run a gas line down our road. When we switched our propane bill went away and our gas was added to our electric bill. Cost for gas was significantly lower then propane, even after amerigas adjusted our rate to market price and we have one less bill to pay. Natural gas is a public utility and prices are regulated so you can expect to have greater stability and transparency in pricing and never run out of gas because the driver missed your stop. Oh I forgot to tell you about the cold oven at the start of the rush. Did I say to go with natural gas? Talk to your oven guy as well. Natural gas burns cleaner and that keeps the sensors in your oven cleaner which reduces maintenance. After this experience I am not a fan of propane and hate to even buy a 20 pound bottle for my grill.

One thing to add… Propane is heavier than air. Therefore, if you have a leak, it will “pool” up on the floor and build up. Nat Gas on the other hand is lighter than air and will rise. hopefully up and out the exhaust hood if you should have a leak… just something to think about…

Here is some simple gas equivalents:
BTU Equivalent
• 1 gallon = 91,500 BTU(2516 BTU per cubic feet)
Natural Gas:
• 1 gallon(equivalent) = 37,482 BTU (1030 BTU per cubic feet)
If your oven is using 150,000 BTU’s per hour max; with the modulating gas valve train you are probably using 60-70% of this.
Hourly Usage
• 150,000/91,500 = 1.64 gallons(59.62 cubic feet)
Natural Gas:
• 150,000/37,482 = 3.96 gallons(145.63 cubic feet)
Monthly Usage/Cost
Propane($2.50 per gallon):
• (1.64 gallons) X (12 hours open) X (30 days in a month); per oven
o (590 gallons) X $2.50 (per gallon cost) = $1,475 monthly per oven
Natural Gas ($9.50 per 1000 cubic feet):
• (145.63 cubic feet) X (12 hours open) X (30 days in a month); per oven
o (52,429 cubic feet) X $9.50 (per 1000 cubic) = $498.05 monthly per oven

Also if you use Propane for every 1 gallon of Propane burnt, you create 1 gallon of water(vapor).

Good Luck!