Propane prices

Is there an easy way know if you are getting a decent price on propane?
Our price per gallon always seems to rise when other energy costs go up, but never seems to drop much. The wife was pointing this out to me (she takes care of bills) so I asked the people at the chinese place in our shopping center about it. They use the same supplier, and have a lifetime in the business. They said basically the same, but they complained about the price and it was adjusted downward :?: Makes me think we are helping to put someones kids through school just a little too much. Our current rate is $3.35/gal. I will be calling other supliers in the area to compare.

My question is: Is there a pricing model like block+ pricing on cheese so I could know what to expect for propane prices before the truck shows just by checking the current commodity price?



We pre buy all of our propane in the summer, we do this for the heat at our business as well as the heat for our home. It typically saves us about $1 per gallon over the market rates during the peak seasons. Not sure of this is something you can take a look at or not. We paid $2.59 per gallon in the summer for what we will use this winter.

just pd 1.31 + tax per gal and $7 in fees in the cacalackys north that is…

Crap, I may as wwell just buy a truck and drive up there and get it!!!

pd 1.105 +tax and $7 fees today

just paid 2.29 /Glln in new york plus tax