proper food storage

okay got the pizza thing down pat but now that we are doing bbq also with hot and cold sides got some questions.
1- when you have say baked beans and there sitting in warmer what do you do at end of day if you still have enough to save?
2- when i smoke my racks of ribs and done i wrap in foil put in refer. then when i need them at start of day put in warmer wraped in foil take out as needed if i dont need them all is it okay to put back in refer ?
any suggestions would be great

also just got a blast chiller havent played with it yet .

save the beans,add a little water next day.
time- temp rules here.
ribs…can do the same ,but they might be a bit dry.
the main thing to do with leftovers is to transfer them into a clean container b-4 you cool them down,the crusted edge cools quicker than the middle,inviting bacteria much faster.

My first response is to refer to information about safe chilling and reheating of food. You can really mess people up if you aren’t getting through the danger zone quickly enough, regardless of which way you are going.

Health code here (and ServSafe) provides for chilling and reheating cooked food ONCE. So, heat up beans and hold in hot table . . . end of day chill quickly and into refer . . . next day reheat quickly and into hot holding. End of that day must be discarded. This all assumes that you are maintaining and measuring temps throughout the shifts/day to assure stays above 135F all day.

Same applies to the ribs. After cooking, can use chill/reheat cycle ONCE. Make sure you get them to right temp quickly. Putting 34F ribs into a warming cabinet set at 140F is begging for bacterial issues in your food. Once you have done the reheat, they are done. Herein lies the biggest challenge for commercial kitchens and portion management. Waste can take a big toll when talking about reheated food products.

You are probably better served in the short term finding an effective reheating system to order. At least until you have a volume you can predict and manage. Running through the conveyor might be a good option, if you can test that out some. Beans are cheaper to throw out than ribs, so protect those ribs!!

I do BBQ also & found a used AccuTemp pressure-less steamer on ebay, and man, what a great job it does reheating/tenderizing Q…

I use a steamer as well in the summer when we offer rib tips works great and keeps them VERY tender,