Provel Cheese users here?

I’m interested in trying a loaf for a few things, any clues on where to find a Wisconsin source for the stuff? I checked all my suppliers with no luck.
We use something similar from Land O Lakes in a few products, but interested in trying Provel due to the flavor blend.
I may even try it on a pizza since we have many people from St. Louis visiting here in summer

I haven’t had any luck in California either when I looked around. Most don’t even know what it is. Had a similar problem trying to find Hot Giardiniera but eventually found it via special order from Chicago. Maybe ask a vendor if they have any buyers they could ask on STL for a special order drop shipment?

I special ordered it through Reinhardt or GFS a long time ago. It took forever for me to get it. Not sure if they are still willing to do it.

Cooks Illustrated does have a recipe you can use.

Hmm, I’ll give Reinhart a shot, I’ve been trying to find items that they carry that we use for over 5 years now, just not enough for me to make their minimum order amount of $650.00
GFS is non-existent in my area, US Foods doesn’t supply restaurants here, but they handle small distributors in my area.
My cheese specialist supplier drew a blank, Sysco’s got nothing, 2 other regional distributors got nothing, and I have one more small distributor seeing what they can do for me on it, no determination yet.
Its produced in my state, Yet I cannot find it here.

I can get you set up with some Spectacular Giardiniera from 'Devanco Foods" (my go-to for that stuff) We blow through multiple cases of it weekly for just one of our sandwiches on the menu. But, we also have a very heavy influx of Chicago people here all year too. The Devanco Italian gravy (Au Jus) is out of this world, see if you can get that, you’ll create menu items just to use it, I can drink the stuff and smile!

I had a customer ask a cashier what Giardiniera is, her best answer, “It’s what goes on the sandwich” She had no clue how to describe it, even after she ate a sandwich with Giardiniera on it just a day earlier.
(that cashier was only here briefly after seeing her attitude towards guests and her inability to communicate properly with anyone)

Made in Waupaca. They are owned by Kraft but they might have an outlet store at the factory as well. Let me know if you get any results, I might want to get some Provel for myself in the future.

[SIZE=6]Churny CO[/SIZE]
705 West Fulton St
Waupaca, WI 54981
Phone: (715) 258-4040

we got Roma to special order us some a few years ago.

I cannot meet Roma’s minimum order of $650.00, so they are out.
I have another operator locally who uses Roma, and I was able to piggyback the pizza bags that I wanted onto their order, now I found another option through a local distributor
I wish Greco made it this far north, they’ve got some great stuff that I want.