Public perception of Subway pizza...

So is this what the public thinks of Subway’s pizza? The following is a post made on another board I frequent whose members are typically affluent owners of very expensive sports cars…

I stopped at Subway a few days ago and decided to try one of their small pizzas. I don’t know if all the stores have them or not. I had never tried a Subway pizza, but was in the mood for something different. They pulled out a pizza “blank” from their freezer. The “blank” has the basic dough and cheese on top. Then you add the vegetables that you want just like you would when ordering a sandwich. They added some parmesean cheese, salt, and pepper. They bake them in a combination oven that microwaves them quickly, yet it also has a regular browning element to make it crusty like a regular pizza. Only took about 3 minutes. And it was EXCELLENT. As good as any pizza restaurant around here. If your Subway shop offers the pizzas, give it a try. It is very good.

Hmm. Just reading around on other boards after searching for “subway pizza”. Sure are a lot of “wow, it was great!” comments. Far more than I would have imagined. Especially since the negative comments usually overpower the positive ones on the internet.

Wow. The “public” seems very familiar with Subway’s operations and terminology. :roll:

Here is a sample conversation…

John Q. Public: “Anita, can you git me somethin’ for lunch at Subway. I’ve got a hankering for a frozen pizza blank!”

Anita B. Public: “You want a microwave pizza? From Subway???”

John Q. Public: “Don’t ‘cha worry your pretty little head. It’s a combination oven with a regular browning element, silly. Wit’ a dash of that there Parmesean cheese and some salt and peppa’… excellent!”

Anita B. Public: “Ahhh, Subway. Eat fresh… and deep-dish pizza!”

I’ve known the guy that posted the original post for 5+ years on that board - and I know for certain that he has nothing to do with subway. Yes, his post is detailed - it’s just how this guy is.

Don’t be so quick to write it off as advertising.

I’d like to know which forums (actually fora) you’re looking at so we can see for ourselves what you are seeing so we can evaluate 1st hand. Not that you are filtering or interpreting for us . . . but seeing 1st hand is always valuable for me. We have a Subway next exit up, and want to get a feel for the general public impression.

I’ve heard from 7 people around here that all found it rather less palatable than Hunt Brothers even. (frozen, truck stop brand)

I haven’t tried it yet myself - but I’m going to make it a point to try it this weekend just to see what it is like in my area.

As to the other forums - just google “subway pizza” and you will find a few of the ones I’m talking about.

The first one came from (in the off-topic section) - you have to join in order to see post in that section.

I’m not trying to tout this pizza - I’m just a little more than suprised that there is even 1 good review - especially from some people who I’d think wouldn’t give it a second look.

I have 2 Subways in my small town, one carries pizza
as for me, I wish they both did and there was more placing serving pizza here, to a point I guess…
I was disappointed and surprised that Subway is putting out such a product…
do they think the public is that stupid
unfortunately, I think they will get smart and replace it with something else ,
Subway hot dogs ?
only my opinion,

Well, this is part of my point - why do you think the public is “stupid” if they end up liking it?

We all know this isn’t “real pizza”. But that is not the point. If the public considers it “real pizza” - then it IS real pizza. And if the public compare a 3 minute order to eating time to our 15-20 minute (or whatever) - then that IS a problem.

It’s all about perception - and unfortunately - that “stupid public” is our customer.

I completely missed the point. I had thought it was food related discussion groups . . .even non-professional ones. I’ll have to take your word as I am unwilling to subscribe to a Ferrari discussion forum.

I will admit that there must be a segment of the market everywhere who prefer this sort of product, or there wouldn’t be so many options. I suspect Subway test marketed their concept somewhere, and found it promising. I hope t lasts a while, too.

"Well, this is part of my point - why do you think the public is “stupid” if they end up liking it? "

I can only speak for my little small town market here…
from what I gather “the dogs don’t like it” Subway pizza
else where is a different story…
here it is overpriced as well…8" for $3.99, mine is $3.39
I cannot imagine that it will fly in Gainesville, FL as long as
“Bigger, Better, Faster” is around,

With a sustained marketing effort even bad products can sometimes gain momentum…Not sure why…There are lots of fast food restaurants with piss poor food that seem to be doing okay…

If you’re super curious what you are up against, go get one (or send somebody). I don’t think general public perception is one of quality - it’s more like a few people who’ve tried it liked it and happened to post.
Me…I don’t even think they do subs well. I’d rather have a sandwich almost anywhere else.

28,310 stores worldwide…Must have something working right!..