Pulling the plug

After 3 years of working for free, I have to throw in the towel. I cannot keep up with the overhead and buisness is wa yoff. I feel like a colosal failure. Gotta go find a job now.


sorry to hear that. It ain’t an easy business but knowing when to ‘pull the plug’ is often a good thing. Good luck with your next venture.


You’re only a failure if you don’t try. Good luck

Anyone who worked hard for 3 years for free is hardly a failure in my mind…Good luck…


I think you have not failed but have spent three years in the hard knocks university. It would only be a failure if you failed to learn from your experience. Things that I suspect your have learned are: how to deal with staff (a degree in human resources), how to deal with customers (a degree in public relations), and how to run a business (a degree in business management). My guess is if you were to go to a community college to take any of those degrees you would have not learned much more than what you now know. I also think that you would have spent a great deal of money to learn it.

I wish you success in what ever you chose to do. I believe that what you have taken from the last three years will be an asset to whomever you go to work for.

Good Luck!

I agree with the other posters…don’t underestimate the knowledge you have gained. Dust yourself off before you go looking for a job. Rehash all the POSITIVE you have learned.

Take Care and best of luck and skill to ya.