Pump or other idea for cleaning kitchen floors

Our kitchen floor is way to difficult to clean. First, it is very crowded with two small alleys ~3’ to walk down and things stored in every nook and cranny. Second, there is only one large floor drain which is partially covered by the dishwasher. The other 2 are small circular floor drains. Finally, the floor was not designed as a kitchen floor so it does not drain to one area, rather it goes to every corner of the room. I used to own a shopvac that worked as a pump - you attached it to a garden hose. Apparently, these are no longer being made because they are not reliable. I’ve looked at some transfer pumps, but couldn’t find any that had available attachments. I really don’t want a shopvac that has to be emptied every night as it would get pretty disgusting in a hurry and would have to be stored in or around the kitchen. Anyone got suggestions, thoughts or insights?

It’s kind of hard to visualize but we used a floor squeegee and guided the water into the floor drains at the last place I was at.

I’ve got a floor cleaning system that works great for us, even before I had floor drains

I use a 2-gallon weed-sprayer from Ace Hardware, I mix DC-99 (cleaner/degreaser/stripper) in a 50/50 solution of water, lightly mist the floor with that. If you have tile that is not ceramic, or linoleum, you may want to use an citrus cleaner such as “TAP Orange”, your sealant will stay on your floor that way.

Next step, and this is most important. DO NOT USE A CHEAP MOP! I like the “Grease Beater” from Eco-Lab, they last forever, and you get a clean floor. I got their screw-on mop heads and handle system. No more wrangling a tangled mop out of the holder.
End of night when all other dishes and utensils are done, the mop head gets a trip through the dish machine (hot water machine)

After misting the floor, I soak the floor with hot water on a mop, walking backwards and doing figure-8 swipe with thew mop. When everything is soaking wet, I rinse and wring the mop, and pick up all the water/dirt with it.
I prefer looped end mops, because when they get too saturated, just flip to the other side, plus they cover more surface area when mopping.

I realized a huge savings in chemicals immediately , and although the ecolab mops cost more, each individual mop head will last longer than a full case of cotton mops


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