Punch Card

Does anyone use punch cards in their shop? We had one and started to realize we weren’t getting a big return on them. Our punch card was buy 10 get 1. Anybody using them successfully what do you find works?


I have sold a few to clients over the years…I do not think they do not get used with as much frequency as it the past but IMO those clients they are just as important as others…I also sell the odd order of magnets where the customer collects so many and gets a free food item…Another thought is a prepaid card…These are good if you have office workers or students nearby…You sell a card that is good for 6 or 8 or 10 purchases (with an expiry date)…These can be slices & a drink, lunch specials, etc…You get cash up front, they speed service at busy times and if the cards get lost or not used you profit from the unused punches…

We do 10 pies - $10 bucks off.

Trying to drill consistency into my staff on promoting the cards - works better on our bread sales (buy 6 get 1) but am considering a slice pizza punch card to drive those sales up some. it works, if you have the right “sales” method.

Gotcha! Sounds good. Someone recently came to our business with a electronic punch card that gives me a customer database, cards, and a service that markets to the customers that have the punch cards. They want $50 bucks a month for this service I am truly considering it. Any feedback?

We use one punch card that has 3 separate lines, one for subs, slices and whOle pies. Some customers are very diligent about them. Almost no one refuses one when offere. Ours are buy 10 get 1 free.

We were approached by five stars which is an electronic loyalty program like the one you mentioned. As I recall the price was 2x or 3x 50.00 a month. I might consider it if it were only 50.00 a month. What’s the company name?

Loyalty programs, including punch cards, can be effective if they are utilized properly. For example, if you’re going to hand out a paper punch loyalty card to your customers, why not print them with a tear-sheet on them which asks your customers to provide a cell number and email address in return for the card? Granted, not every customer will provide it, but if only 20% do, you’ll be able to build a customer contact list within a few weeks / months.

If you really want to leverage your loyalty, digital definitely has some benefits that paper could never offer. One of the benefits our service offers is the ability to publish customer reward redemptions on the customer’s Facebook page, with the customer’s permission of course. “I just received a free slice at Bob’s Pizza Shop”, posted on the customer’s Facebook page. This can help offset the costs associated with free products / service by providing you with advertising on your customer Facebook pages, without paying for Facebook advertising.

I can’t speak to either service, but our service starts as low as $59 /month for our full loyalty, marketing, social media, reputation and more, with a 30-day free trial. If you’re considering a loyalty program, I do believe that you’ll find our service unlike anything else you’ve seen. You’ll find a link to our service in my signature, below.

We are a manufacturer of all type of cards and supplying more than 22 countries across the Middle East. We offer all type of cards at the competitive price.

For more details: PSP Cards.

If you are using a POS there may be a loyalty feature available in the software. Quite a few of today’s POS systems do have a customer loyalty option.