Punchh loyalty with SpeedDine

I have been using Speedline and SpeedDine online ordering. I’m frustrated that SpeedLine’s loyalty does NOT work with their own program SpeedDine.
In order to offer loyalty program online you have to use Punchh.

Who has used Punchh and what is your feedback?

I agree here wholeheartedly. Pizza pirates uses Punchh I believe. The cost of punchh it’s utterly ridiculous per month though

Actually I don’t use punchh. I’ve checked into it, but it is designed for large chains of 20 or more locations. Their minimum monthly fee is around 4K and the setup will be about 15K.

Hotboxpizza.com is a Speedline customer thay uses Punchh if you want to see how it works.

Thanks for clarifying, I remember us talking about it before, I assumed you used it!

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I just find it extremely frustrating that they have a loyalty system built into Speedline and you pay them a fee for speed dine but then they can’t integrate the two of them together. They want you to purchase something from an outside vendor that costs a ridiculous amount of money.