purchased new location

I just purchased a 1 acre parcel with very high traffic and will look to relocate there sometime next spring or early summer and am starting to design my building. Here are a few options I am looking at and was wondering if anyone is doing any of them: 1. conteplating a drive thru for pizza by the slice, 2. incorporating ice cream for sit in or drive thru, 3. providing wifi for customers, 4. having a room by itself for parties, meetings or small get togethers ( probably seat up to 25). Also I am tossing the idea around of breakfast on Sat. and Sun. Any input on any of the above will be appreciated or any other info. Thanks!

I have had a drive thru for over 15 years. It is a huge part of my business. Doubled sales in the first three years that we had it.

In your drive thru do you sell just pizza by the slice or other items?

Hi Scootersgym:

A drive up window for slices should be a winner at a high traffic site.

We do not have very many clients who serve Ice cream. It will be interesting to get some info from those who do.

We have done plans for and equipped several shops that included a party room. If you have the space it is a great feature. If there is not a party booked and you are busy the party room just affords regular seating.

Will you serve beer and wine? That appears to be a great asset when people are dining in.

If you would like assistance with your plan we offer a free floor plan service.

You can contact us at pizzaovens@aol.com

We offer our full menu in our drive thru. We can get 6 cars orders at a time. Average wait is 3 minutes.

Doubt I can help you Scooter, but congrats on making the move. I know you were thinking long and hard on that decision. Did the Obama stimulus package spur you to think the money would be available to widen the highway?

Hi Scott! No I did a traffic count on the new location and factored in a percentage of potetial new customers traveling who may stop plus the opportunity to have a parking lot capable of handling 30+ cars and the chance to have a drive thru and maybe sell ice cream as well were the leading reasons for the purchase. As for the state buying me out for their road as far as I know they are still moving forward but if they don’t I am still going to relocate and will turn my existing shop into a office to rent out.