Purchasing Door Slips

Anyone have any recommendation on where I can purchase the “old-fashioned” door slips for order taking and labeling on boxes? I would like to keep a case on hand as a backup to my POS system so this is likely just a one time or infrequent purchase.

I am in the Metro Detroit area.

I get mine from Mell & Co 1-800-262-6355

Thanks! I will check them out.

In case this helps anyone else, I also located this company:


I have not done business with them yet, so this is not a recommendation just FYI.

For what its worth…in the last 10 yrs of business, I’ve never had my POS system go down longer than 10 minutes, hence I’ve never had the need for a paper back up…

for simple duplicate guest checks, sams club and staples do carry a smaller packages.