Pushing the customer to your website

How do you handle this situation

Customer calls says “I’ve never ordered from your place I need to know your prices and menu”
should I just tell them to go to our website and they can find the answers there or should I take the 10-15 minutes going over our complete menu


I always simply tell them our main items which takes about 30 seconds, and I ask if they have access to a computer. If they do I tell them I definitely recommend they take a look at our website as our complete menu is on there, as well as some excellent online only deals. Never had a customer have an issue with it.

I give hem a price range and mention the whole menu is on the website…

I will put about 5 min into the call after that I apologize but I have to direct you to the menu…

Depends on how busy I am…

it is a pain in the a** during a rush however! LOL

You could take the opportunity to WOW them. Since they are new you can turn them in to a customer for life. Maybe offer a free pizza with a menu and build loyalty with the very first order.