Putting customer photos on your website.

What kind of legal issues is there for putting customer photos on your website? I’m looking to take some over all shots of the shop when it is packed to the brim with people, and posting them on the site.

I heard that some places write up disclaimers so they can use each person’s image… I was thinking; if it IS a problem… couldn’t you just write a note on the front door saying that once you enter the restaurant, we reserve the right to use your image for our website, or something of that nature?

Thanks all!

Hi. Here’s a link to a (lengthy) article on the subject. If you scroll down about 3/4 of the way to the bottom, there’s a “Real World Scenario” that’s pretty similar to what you’re considering.


Short answer, it appears that a notice on the door on a day when you’re planning to take some photos just letting guests know that is probably all you need. Model releases are a pain that most of your dinner guests won’t want to be bothered with.


Yep, I walked into a Subway and they had it posted on their door. It was one of Jared’s visits. I made sure they weren’t ready to tape and got my sub and left. I have no desire to be on TV, and if they thought they wanted me on TV, they need a new marketing person anyway. If you put something on the sign simply allowing the person to notify to hostess to “opt out” and seat them in an area that won’t be photographed.

Another way to get the shot you want is to invite as many friends and family over and take pictures of them for your website that way…or even all of your off duty employees (take it after hours maybe???) for the “background noise” while focusing on a certain few that aren’t employees for the main pics.