Q-Matic bake

Opening 2nd location in philly, existing has 2 Lincoln double-stacked. Bake OK we do sheeted then screened pie on thin side. Been reading many posts on Q-Matic and conveyor vs deck bakes. Used to have decks, conveyors not same but MUCH easier to run. I’m leaning toward 2 Q55 ovens for new high traffic location, will set up test bake this week. Thought about roto-flex(never used) using a screen but figured screen defeats purpose of oven. Also, CTX? never heard of but read a few posts. Seems similar technology as Q-matic. How about air-decks, can u bake with & without screen? Metal deck right? Don’t u lose deck crust w/out stone? thanks

Look at PICard conveyor stone deck… picardinc.com

price is around $29K for a 32" by 72 " belt however productions is equivalent to my double stack 360’s…this is a new model size


I have had just about every oven you mentioned at one point in time:

Blodgett - the best period…the worst as far as experienced labor intensive

Air Deck - better as far as volume b/c less heat loss during the “rush” but not quite as goos as a bake

Q-Matic - best as far as conveyors i have found, any idiot can operate, does good volume (no noise, etc) but bake doesnt compare to deck (any conveyor for that matter

Roto-flex - currently have and hopefully will never buy another oven EVER AGAIN!! very happy so far…best of both worlds…great bake and can really crank out pies