q matic ovens

same question anybody use it

I have beeb watching to see what some users would have to say.

Thought we could get some answers.

George Mills

We had Q-Matic at two locations but had to replace them with rotating shelf ovens. I think they actually make a pretty good oven but we are at the high end of the pizza market. Our pizzas are loaded up pretty heavy and we could not get a good bake for the heavier portioned specialty pizzas we make. In some of our marketing we actually suggest that customers “weigh the difference” between ours and competitors. Cheese pizzas and one or two topping pizzas were not a problem.

I have a triple stack for sale. $7500 and its yours. I outgrew it. When loading the oven, you must keep a 6" gap between the pizzas so the thermocoupler gets heat. The pizzas are very tasty.
email me with any specific questions…

Mr Imnothipp confirms my past statements that substantial space has to be left between pizzas on the belt although he gives a different reason than we determined.

That is not required with the air impingement type ovens, The air blowing on the product precludes that problem.

I don’t know how, or if, that problem has been resolved on their new model as they apparently have not added blowers to circulate the air.

George Mills

Q-Matic No More. Now QII Deck.
Ownership is Berkshire Hathaway/Marmon Companies, Carol Stream, Illinois.
Took Off Market For 5+ Years. Total Re-Design. All Q-Matic Issues Eliminated.
No Impingement. Infrared/Radiant.
For References Contact Me, Or Visit QII Deck Baking Live At Pizza Expo.
Thank You. :smiley:

Jim, thanks for that information…it’s been discussed here in other threads too. I’ve decided it’s too expensive to consider myself at this point. But, if I actually make it to the Expo, I hope to see you there.

Thanks Steve, our elimination of fans and fan motors since we are not impingement, 2-3 temperature zone control, and the touch screen controller, all have a big plus effect on life-cycle cost, much lower noise, and we are right there in price with the high volume, quality brand impingement ovens. Hope to see you at Q in Vegas. Thanks for your interest. :smiley:

But, Jim, the used market isn’t too strong yet! I just can’t justify the price for anything new.