q-matic ovens

can anyone tell me about q-matic ovens and if they are as good as they are advertised to be

I have a Q-matic 36W, had for a little over a year.
I think a great pizza can be bake on any oven
I got the Q-matic primarily because it is quiet because i am in a trailer
It bakes well, programming is sophisticated and simple to adjust.
I have never had an inpingment oven, but I understad to change the bake you have to change the fingers which is hardware and it can be trickier.
I have had no problems with mine.
I bake on the 14 gauge black anodized disk that Q-Matic recommended.
I know you can bake on other platforms, just need to adjust the oven accordingly.
Q-Matic brought and oven to me to bake some of my pizzas on, they would probably do the same for you
hope this helps, let me know if I can be of further help…
be glad for you to come bake some of your pizzas on my Q-Matic,

I have a double-stack q-matic 36 that is 2 years old that I’m selling. PM me if interested or would like more info.

lets talk on the phone my home is 3155833579
cell 602316 2999

There are some who post here who are very satesfied with the Q Matic.

We Have no clients useing them.

I do not think many, if any, of the top groups use them.

We often get calls from operators looking to sell that type oven, No calls that I recall by someone looking to buy.

I have been told they bake a good pie when not busy but do not perform well when fed pizzas rapidly. Users can shed some light on that.

George Mills

George may be right on that.
When I fill it full, I will niche up the temperature by 2 and add on 5 seconds to insure they are fully baked.
I have not noticed them coming out different when fully loaded.
The difference I have is in a pizza with many ingredients will take longer. My oven is programed fro 1, 2, and 3 topping pizza, the 5 and above need more time to fully bake. And the dough does not get as much “spring” when the pizza has lots of heavy toppings. I think this would be true wth any oven.
I could see where the impingment ovens with the moving air may handle larger loads better. The Q-Matics are radiant heat, some may be the reason you do not see them in the larger volume places.
Maybe you could find someone who has used both and get a better comparison.
I have never used an impingment oven in my shop.


how much are you selling the q-matic oven and were is it located?

The ovens you ask about are possably sold by now

Contact-- zahman55@yahoo.com

He will have a couple for sale shortly

George Mills

I also have a double stack Q-Matic 36 for sale. Used in one of our small locations (main menu not pizza) but we discontinued pizza. They were used about 8 months and have been sitting in my warehouse about 20 months.