Q-Matic Pizza oven help...

Hello, I am a brand new poster to this forum and am desperately seeking some expert help…

I am actually not in the pizza business but I am using a pizza oven to cook another product that I produce (or need to anyway) in mass quantities. I am having trouble getting my oven adjusted and was wondering if anyone out there could help me with a Q-matic q55 or if anyone has any experience with Q-Matic ovens at all. I do have a manual for this oven but it kinda sucks…it has helped me make some adjustments but I still can’t get it like I want it.

Thanks in advance for any help I might can get.


I am not an oven expert, but there are a few people on here that are. In order for them to help you they will need to know what you are cooking, what settings you are using (time and temp), what results you have had and how the oven is configured. Also helpfull would be what things you have tried to do to improve the situation. In order to develop a plan to move forward you need to know the starting point.

OK, that makes sense…

The product I am cooking is a “chess bar” which is somewhat similar to a brownie or something like that. We bake them is 9x13 pans.

I was previously using an electric Lincoln Impinger that did a great job but it would only allow me to cook one pan at a time so I upgraded to the larger Q-Matic Q-55 so I could cook 3 pans at a time. On the Lincoln, I just set the conveyor time to 30 minutes, and set the temp at 335 and it just worked (we had been using a standard convection oven set at about 330 degrees and letting them cook for about 45 minutes before we started using the pizza oven).

The Q-55 has tons of settings and through trial and error I have been able to get it set close enough to use but I have to cook 1 pan at a time and send it through on the center of the conveyor (and cook it with another pan under it). If I put 2 or even 3 pans wide then the pan over by the pilot light gets way too done and the pan on the opposite side is too raw while the pan in the middle is about right. I am cooking them in the Q-55 for 24 minutes and at 310 for my set temp.

The main thing I want to know is what should my ton1, tof1, ton2, and tof2 be set at to maintain the right temp without the oven adjusting itself very often and how can I keep the pans on the inside, middle, and outside all cooking the same?


Also, I will post the settings I am currently using when I get a chance to go grab them a little later.



There are very few qmatic users on this forum. While you may luck out and find the right person here that can help you, I would suggest you contact Qmatic directly. I have spoken to them on a number of occasions and every single time I felt they were great company. I have no doubt that a call to them will set you on course to getting this oven dialed in.

Is there nobody out there who is a Q-Matic Expert? I could really use some help.


Did you try calling the company? We had a couple of those units, and while we didn’t care for the oven for our use, the people at the company were great to deal with.

I have called them and I have been able to talk to one guy in particular that was very helpful but he is very hard to get in touch with and he told me it would take a lot of trial and error to get it to cook how I want it to so I thought I would try some other sources of information hoping to find someone out there who has experience cooking with one of these.

For anybody who knows anything about these ovens…
I’m trying to figure out what ton1/tof1 and ton2/tof2 ratios would be about right to naturally keep the oven at around 300 degrees without modifying the ton/tof times to bring the temp up or down.
And if anyone knows how to make one side of the oven cooler or warmer I would love to know how to do that also.


Hi Navert:

I have heard your complaints from several folks who have tried to use the Q-matic oven. Poor baking at the front and back of the oven and don’t put pans in close together.

I hope some one has your answer.

George Mills

I believe the inventor recently sold Q to a ‘mass’ merchant guy…

I had one yrs ago, but never really “tweaked” it like you are doing…

They/you need to use dark anodized pans and not normal light colored sheet pans…

Consider also using silicone baking paper…

I would also invest in a thermal/laser temp tool & try to get a good reading of all points thru the conveyor…

Remember, the product will still keep on cooking if left on the tray…we used to under bake our cookies & pull them off the trays to finish…

hi, i had a q-55 for several years and they are not easy to set up but you can tune them perfectly and be done with it. i called the head guy with the accent and he told me exactly how to dial it in. the guy i bought it from helped as well. first off, what is it doing you don’t like and what are your current settings? j

Re: Q-Matic Pizza oven help… QII DECK

I spoke to the new Qmatic / Q-matic people after I saw their ad for the Pizza Expo. They are sponsoring the new user event on the 28th and had a link through pizza today.


They have really worked over the older version of the Qmatic and now there’s no pilot - its now electric ignition. No different in temp from front to back. Mulitple thermalcouples top and bottom. And there is a touchscreen control. That’s the quick converstation I had.

QII Deck will be at Expo and the show thats in Ohio in case youre still having trouble. I’ll bet they can assist.