Q-matic Q80 triple stack for sale

Q-matic Q80 triple stack for sale, 4 years old, 1 split belt and 2 single belt ovens, currently being used in a high volume store in Massachusetts, increasing business is forcing us to purchase larger ovens. They cost us new $60k. Looking for $11k for the split belt and $10K each for the single belt ovens. Purchase as a package and I’ll throw in the hood for free. George 781-405-5499



Page 112 has a pic of the ovens in our shop.

Hi Npizza:

$ 60,000.00 Must have bought you a great oven or ovens what make and model did you buy?

What is your projected production capacity?

George Mills

George, I paid that for the Qmatic’s new. I’m switching to XLT 3870’s. Purchased them from the factory.

The links don’t work anymore for the qmatic / q-matic site. It redirects to a QII Deck site. must be a new oven