Q-Matic Q80 triple stack for sale

I just posted my ovens for sale in the classified section. If anyone is interested please check it out. Thanks George


George, what are you replacing these with?

XLT 3870’s

Their description is a bit off…

Triple Stack: Up to 399 12" pizzas baked for six minutes

Just exactly what does that mean? No way you bake 400 pies in 6 minutes. No way you stuff 400 pies in at once. I’m dumbfounded…

I would guess he is referring to 399 pizzas per hour if oven is set at a 6 minute cook time.

George, are you prepared for the difference in noise from the XLT’s and Qmatics. Every air impingment oven will be louder than the qmatics, but from my experience, every wide belt conveyor is dramatically louder than its 32 inch counterpart. I’ve never heard a 3870 XLT so I’m not 100% certain, but you ought to make sure you can deal with any added noise. Have you seen a 3870 in use yet? My old Lincoln X-2 3870 was much louder than the 3270 I replaced it with and one of our stores has the Middleby 360 widebodys 36X70 and it sounds like a jet engine.

Thanks Paul!! It must be getting late…

paul I haven’t seen the 3870 in use but I did test cook in a new 3240. The oven was very quiet. I hope the wider one will be the same. I also have a double stack middleby ps570 that I’m looking to replace, those are very loud. The Qmatics are very quiet but I need a wider belt and the xlt’s cook 2 min faster.