Q or two for transplanted New Yorkers

For ex-New Yorkers west of the Miss.

Are you using a CA tomato base for a NY style sauce and do you love it or use it because that’s all you can get?

We all know the food sales rep’s mantra of “Just as good”, lol

From my experience, the best NY pizza sauce is made from CA tomato products anyway - Stanislaus, for example.

I agee with MM

Being the internet I don’t want this taken the wrong way, but, what is your experience?

Also are you someone who grew up in NY eating NY pizza?

I say this because people from NY mostly think our Pizza is cough ok

thanks :wink:

I was referring to my experience picking brains of pizza folk, and reading here and elsewhere, and thereby knowing that two of the most highly regarding sauce bases - for Chicago or NY style pizza - come from the brands Stanislaus and Escalon. Both in Northern California.

My pizza experience includes time as GM in pizza joints on both coasts. NJ, NY, and CA, and fairly recently opening on the west coast. I’ve only eaten pizza in Chicago…