Q R Codes

Are any of you using QR codes in you advertising? I just started playing around and I can see there could be some advantages to putting them on business cards or post cards. With a smartphone you can scan the code and go right to the website or have contact information right in the phone.

These things are on everything around here now. Even on billboards that you can take a pic with your smart phone and go right too your site. They have been around for a few years now and just really starting too take off. I think they are here too stay! I would put one on your vans. They are also a conversation starter. Might get calls from people just asking what they are. :idea:

What site did you use to generate the code?

I also thought about changing the picture of the pizza on the back of the SmartCar to a giant QR code for our online ordering. I bet people would scan it just to see what it was for.

Edit: Nevermind, I made one at http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ which my Google AdWords account directed me to.

I have not done much research on this subject…But I understand that different sites generate different codes when you have submitted the same information to both…So some feel that some sites embed extra stuff in the codes that the person generating the code is not aware of…Not sure what problem this causes but something to consider…

This is VERY neat! I have seen these things but never knew what they were all about. Check out mine I did tonight:

QR Codes are definitely the wave of the future. They are easy to create and can be used for a multitude of things. I have found this interesting article about how QR Codes can be used to help market your restaurant in different ways.

http://smartblogs.com/restaurants/2011/ … -marketing

It really provides some interesting ways to use QR Codes in order to attract more business. Hope this helps anyone looking for a simple way to use these QR Codes to attract customers to their restaurant.


Hi Daddio,

this is RaymiR… as some of you know I work in the pizza business but also do marketing and web designing for local businesses. QR codes are a great new way to use specially in the restaurant business… here is a qrcode i made for the pizza shop that brings customers to our mobile site. It is pretty funny because today I went out to lunch and while i was waiting for my lunch i looked at a bag of Doritos and had a qr code on the back of the bag, it was pretty neat.


Scan it and check it out. if any of you guys need help creating a qr code i will be more than happy to help.

I rolled out with QR codes in my campus marketing last year and all my advertisers were like “you want me to put what on the ad?” Now this year they are everywhere. I use them for my website to direct traffic to a specific page that I update every Tuesday. Makes the kids on campus have to do a little work and give my print ad a life of it’s own.

Love them!

Hello Everyone,
Josh from Mail Shark here. As I posted in a separate post, I would be more than happy to generate FREE QR Codes for any PMQ member that is interested. You can either call me at my direct line 484-269-3715 or send me an email at josh@themailshark.com.
There are other ways to create excitement with QR codes, other than just sending someone to your website; you just need to think outside of the box :idea: . If you want to know how drop me a line.