QII DECK - jim m__kee

Anyone work with this company or this guy?

Up front, the oven appears to have a novel concept and shows real well on their videos. But then when I ask tough questions about kW and BTU requirements, this guy seems clueless.

Does anyone have a good story about this place? I’m afraid to jump in with a purchase even after the test bakes go well.

Anybody using one in Michigan?

Please share stories, both good and bad.



Thank you for your post.

I am sorry that I do not remember you or the conversation that you reference, but I would be very happy to be of assistance to you and provide you with information if you would contact me directly via private message.

I am restricted by PMQ per their policy in terms of what I can say publically on this board regarding my company and products.

Thank you,


Oh Jim you helped me just fine … you sent me to another person located at your headquarters that had all the spec sheets, shipping times, and could answer just about every question I threw his way.

Perhaps he should be the one out selling these instead of you. :smiley:

BTW, I really think your Do the Q and “your oven blows” marketing at the Expo this year were pretty unprofessional and really went away from where I thought the company was going.

Now an Edge user.