Anyone using this kind of QSR system? I was quoted for it at about 1100 a unit but also a monthly fee of $75 as a base fee, then $25/month for each QSR box. Not that it’s a lot, but why charge a subscription for something you’re also buying up front?

The upfront payment is for the hardware, the monthly fee is for the software maintenance, support, updates, etc.

Who are you paying the monthly fees to? Is it going direct to QSR? To your POS provider? Just trying to figure out if it’s the POS company making a few extra bucks

I’m pretty sure the monthly fee goes to QSR. When I got the system there was a 12 month contract you had to sign and when the system wasn’t what i expected or wanted Speedline had to negotiate with QSR to get me out of the contract / refund my money.

Thank you for clearing that up, that makes sense