QSR Mexican

This might be a little off topic…

Thinking about opening another location but changing concepts to mexican! Wanted to see if any of you guys have operations like baja fresh, chipotle, or others.

Could use some advice DOS and DON’T

Thanks! 8) 8)

opening a Mexican and keeping the pizza or converting the existing pizza to Mexican?

Keeping the old place, and opening up a new place as well.

Have you started thinking about taking the first step and inquiring about franchise opportunities yet? Doesn’t hurt to ask around, and all those well established qsr’s will tell you first thing, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

Been part of a Mexican concept. Personally I think the concept is easier than pizza as you are not dealing with making dough from scratch and baking it with all the possibilities for things going array. With Mexican, basically you have one set of ingredients and just repackage it all the into a taco, burrito, tostada, etc.

The problem with doing a different concept is that it is almost entirely a new set of operations and procedures. Trying to open a second pizza location is difficult enough. Your second location is always the most difficult step because that is when you learn better organization – tough to do when its a different concept.

More vendors to keep track of.
Different labor pool to deal with.
Different marketing.
Different decor, branding and design.
Different equipment to become familiar with and maintain.

I think those of us who really love this business always for prey to our creative drive. There are always things we want to try and experiment with. Imo, you will be more successful (and happy) with one concept to develop. No one thing I’ve discussed is a big deal on its own, but all together the headaches will really add up.

If you open a second pizza place you will achieve some economies of scale.
Better pull with your vendors.
You can share employees.
Use one store as a commissary.
Less bookkeeping.

I don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade but you just loose a lot of the benefits of opening additional locations when they are different concepts.

Thank you for that well thought out and insightful advice!

I appreciate it
8) 8) 8) 8)