Quarry Tile

Does anyone know where I can get quarry tile for the floors? I’m looking for the same type of design used in the old Domino’s stores before they upgraded. It can also be found in older Subway restaurants.

Thanks guys,


P.S. Cheap is nice.

I’m doing 2nd store shortly, will most likely be using quarry from Home Depot everywhere except dining room. I think it’s 1.29 SF. That’s pretty cheap and it’s 1/2 inch 6x6 tiles.

Any more details about the quarry tile? Picture? Is it different than “standard” quarry tile?

Yeah, I wish I knew how to post a picture on here so I could just show everybody. Haven’t found what I’m looking for yet.


When writing the message, just use the IMG tag above there. The file just has to hosted somewhere. Just hit the img button once, paste in the address, and hit the img button again to close the tag.

Take a look…tons of different options. They will also make “Custom Tiles” as needed it seems.



Here’s the floor. Sorry the picture is so big.