Questgion about deck oven AKA Bakers Pride?????????

Heres my deal.

I close on a 1000sq/ft pizza place in two weeks that serves pizza, salad and lasagna. That’s it. I want to expand the menu to have daily specials, apps, soups, entrees etc.

The stove I have is a bakers Pride y 602. they only use the top deck because they are rarely busy enough to justify turning on the lower.

So, heres the question. If I crank up the bottom will it get hot enough to sear chicken and steak? I had some thoughts of putting huge cast iron pans in the bottom deck and searing meat in them since I have no burners. then finishing in the convection.

Will the cast iron suck up enough heat to get a good sear on food?

Thanks in advance.

One of the best steaks I have eaten came out of a deck pizza oven. This one was a wood-fired oven though. Go pick up a couple of steaks and tell the guy you need to get in there to test some menu items out.

It’s possible. But it’s also pretty cheap to get a simple 4-burner stove/oven.

$1200 to $1500 for NEW 6-burner with oven. 4-burner should be less.

Hello big mike, A cast iron pan will work but it isn’t efficient at all if it gets even a little busy.On the other hand I would use the bottom oven because if you have to fire up the top one it will already be pretty hot and you can also use it to keep things hot.


Here’s the only problem w/ this.Everyone is saying how cheap it is to add a 4-6 burner to his shop butt if he has no room under his ansel system for it this could be pretty expensive.Sorry to be bearer of this bad news.


Thats the problem I have a ventilation hood with no grease and no ansel system. I was gonna do pizza on the top and sear in the bottom and go into the convection that I have to finish cooking. Sound like it may work or at least be fun to experiment with.

PLEASE tell us how your experiements go. It really sounds like a practical way to deal with some variety in menus for some oven only shops. I know at home I sear off think chops and finish in oven . . .same with thick cut steaks. I’ll do the same at my shop when we get ready for chops and such.

The deck oven and conveyor oven thing could be a big bonus.

we recently switched our chicken, we were getting precooked because it was easy, checkied into the raw 1.80# cooked is 4.95#, cooks well in the oven and looks better because we prepare and slice it ourselves. cant wait to try steaks next.

yeah - still, a 4-burner is small too - and you maybe can squeeze on in. I just thought I’d throw it in as a possibility.
For those building though - a lesson - while you’re dropping perhaps the largest $$ of your build-out on a hood, leave an extra couple feet. You may save $10K later on if you want to switch ovens, add a stove, or a fryer…

I took the pinch and paid a couple extra thousand in may for a larger system that I could almost not afford. I got the 10 foot instead of the 8 foot. If I need that 2 feet, it costs me $2000 today, or later would be $9500 for entire new system with fans and all.