Question about cheese in a 12 inch stuffed pie.

How many Oz of cheese does places like Giordanos uses?. I’m thinking about putting my pies about 11-5-12 Oz of cheese, do you guys think this is fine?

@Aimless Ryan is a Giordano’s style pizza expert.


Expert? OK.

When I first started trying to clone Giordano’s last year, 13 oz of cheese seemed right to me for a 10" pizza, based on a lot of videos and pictures of their pizza (which I’ve still never eaten). Shortly after I came to that conclusion, I saw that Peter (Pete-zza) on once wrote a post that kinda concluded the same thing, based on nutrition info provided by Giordano’s. And if you’re at all familiar with Peter’s work, then you know he doesn’t share “facts” unless he is almost completely sure (or completely sure) the facts are reliable.

Anyway, I have created a whole bunch of very elaborate spreadsheets for all the different styles of pizza I make, and when I change the pizza size to 12" on my Giordano’s spreadsheet, it spits out 19.11 oz (542 g) for the cheese portion.

Oh, and I just saw that you asked me about an 8" pizza in your private message. Spreadsheet says 8.13 oz (230 g) for 8".

Also, here’s a link to the post I mentioned in my first post in this thread. In the linked post Peter explains how he came up with 13 oz for a 10" Giordano’s cheese pizza.

One more thing. If you find that you prefer a specific amount of cheese on a specific size pizza (that’s different than the numbers I’ve shared), let me know the pizza size and cheese weight. If you do, I’ll arrange my spreadsheet so it reveals equivalent cheese weights for other sizes, then share the answers with you. It wouldn’t really be difficult to do this on your own, but it’s much easier with my spreadsheet because once I figure out the amount of cheese per square inch, all I have to do is enter a different pizza size in the appropriate cell to get a very realistic estimate for any other size.

This is much easier to do with my spreadsheet than it would be with a calculator because you have to account for things like how thick the crust is (in theory). My spreadsheet already does that. For example, my most recent (or best-yet) “blueprint” includes a bottom/side actual crust thickness of 1/4", which means the cheese occupies an area of half an inch less than the diameter of the pizza.

This may not translate perfectly from one size to another, though, because I’m not absolutely sure the crust really is 1/4" thick. I suspect it’s probably a little thicker than that, at least when I make it. But I haven’t made one in a year, so I’m not sure. This much is true: If my spreadsheet has the correct numbers entered into it, it will give the correct answers.

Thanks!, I’m gonna offer three sizes, 12, 8 and 6!.

Well, here are the numbers my spreadsheet is giving me for those sizes, as well as for 10". Each cheese portion in the first list is equivalent to 13.04 oz (370 g) of cheese for 10". If any of these numbers are not quite the same as any numbers I shared earlier for the same size, it’s because I may have rounded some numbers earlier. Everything below is exactly what the spreadsheet is telling me.

6": 4.37 oz (124 g)
8": 8.13 oz (230 g)
10": 13.04 oz (370 g)
12": 19.11 oz (542 g)

What size were you talking about in the original post? If you were talking about 12", then here are the cheese weights for all four sizes:

6": 2.74 oz (78 g)
8": 5.1 oz (145 g)
10": 8.19 oz (232 g)
12": 12 oz (340 g)

That’s not much cheese for this style, as stuffed is all about the cheese (to me). Also, when I’ve made stuffed for guests, they went pretty nuts over it, I imagine largely because the gonzo amount of cheese. Yeah, that costs a lot to produce, compared to other styles. That’s why these pizzas should cost at least twice as much as the same size pizza of most other styles. I can only eat about half of a 10" stuffed, but I can eat half of an 18" NY style pizza.

Yeah, I understand. The thing is Mexican tasting is not as big as the american one, IMHO. I did kitchen tests with 350, 450 and 550 amount of cheese in the 12 inch, the best results was with 400 grams. Telling, right?.

Expert indeed!