question about conveyor oven, thx

Hi, i am seriously thinking buying a lincoln impinger 1450 gas oven that is 5years old but complete refurbished.
The vendor told me that a single stack can bake a 100 12" pizza’s an hour, can someone confirm this.

And when used with the lloyd hearth baked pizza screens and the correct settings is it then possible with this oven to produce a pizza almost simular to a deck oven pizza?

Or are it only the newest conveyor( lincoln fastbake, xlt,…) ovens that can do that.

Thank you so much,

The Lloyd Pans Hearth Bake Disks when combined with one of the new, high efficiency air impingement ovens will provide a bake that is so close to that of a hearth bake that I have had to bake the pizzas right in front of the doubters to convince them that the pizza was actually baked in the air impingement oven. In the older style ovens you can still achieve a hearth baked characteristic, but it isn’t quite as good or convincing. As for the production numbers, this will depend to a great extent upon your pizzas and the baking time. Most pizzas will bake in the 5 to 5.5-minute range with one of the new, high efficiency ovens, while the older technology ovens will bake the same pizza in the 6 to 6.5-minute range. Where the new ovens really shine is when we are baking both thin and thick crust pizzas, with these ovens you can normally bake both of them side by side. The new, high efficiency ovens that we have had a chance to evaluate so far have been Avantec, XLT/BOFI, Lincoln FastBake, Middleby-Marshall WOW, and the PESI Pro BAKE Series. Put them all in a bag, shake them up real well, turn the bag over, and whichever one falls out first I could be very happy with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor